‘In Otley, though you may not know it

you’re never more than a few feet from a poet’

Jane Kite

Half Moon Books is a publisher of poetry and part of OWF Press Community Interest Company which is based in Otley, West Yorkshire.

Otley is a thriving market town in Wharfedale, about 10 miles NW of Leeds. Its population includes a highly motivated community of writers who engage in numerous groups and activities and we have our own Town Poet.

In 2012 and 2014 the writers of Otley held a festival known as Otley Word Feast. Somewhere along the way it was suggested someone should create a collection of poems about cycling, in celebration of the Grand Départ of the Tour de France taking place Yorkshire in 2014. This resulted in the publication of Spokes – poetry on two wheels under the banner of Otley Word Feast Press. This was so successful that it was decided undertake further publications, and OWF Press Community Interest Company came into being. Our more recent  anthologies are: The Garden – poems that grow on you (2014); Surprise View – poems about Otley (2015); and Half Moon – poems about pubs (2016). Following the latter, it was decided that future publications would be under the imprint Half Moon Books.

Half Moon Books exists with the primary intent of providing the means for poets to publish their work. The current directors are Jane Kitsen, Peter White and Roz Fairclough. We are assisted by several other poets. In addition to the occasional anthology, we prefer to promote the poetry of writers who have not previously had their work published in a volume for which they are the sole author. We are currently engaged in the production of our third series of pamphlets. Occasionally, we publish a full collection.

Authors are selected for inclusion in a series of pamphlets on the basis of the managing editors’ knowledge of local poetry events, writing groups etc. Unsolicited submissions are not considered.