Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe

Zoë is a Poet and Mum from Dukinfield. Her son Torin & daughter Nimue are in the author photo. Her debut pamphlet ‘Love is the way bark grows’ is now available from Half Moon Press.

She has an MA in poetry from Bath Spa University, and her work has appeared in many Anthologies including ‘Play’ and ‘For the Silent’. Her work is also in various Journals in print and online including: Atrium, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Picaroon, Bonnies Crew, Algebra of Owls, Marble and Magma.

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About Love is the way bark grows:

In Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe’s imaginatively written debut, dryads, shifting tarot cards, and stolen conversations with houseplants sit easily beside everyday moments – kisses, showers, cleaning the cooker. There is always something sinister, poignant, or whimsical just under the surface of these poems: they wrap around you slowly – the way bark grows – and leave you feeling like anything is possible.

Kate Garrett

The poems in this collection cover great distances but there is always a sense of closeness, of being present at every point. The result is a collection of rare intimacy and honesty— poems that grow on the page, lines that dig in and route. These are assured poems, handled with great attention and skill.

Tom Weir