Sarah L Dixon

These are beautifully crafted poems which will speak to everyone. Telling the story of the loss of love – and a return to life – The Sky is Cracked is as beautiful as it is sad, as delicate as it is plainspoken. Sarah Dixon’s poetry holds the reader close, and then offers up its rich layers of meaning. Like good whisky, I could taste this short collection long after I’d read it – and I wanted more.

Clare Shaw

This is poetry that ‘shimmies along the dado rai’ to speak memorably of ‘the grumble of gravel under trainers’. Rich in imagery and with a wealth of truths, we’d be poorer without these poems.

Tony Walsh

Sarah Dixon writes so knowingly and with unerring lightness of touch. She knows about breaking and aching and treads nimbly between mythic, modern, and the sweet specificity of the mundane. She knows too of resilience and fragility and conjures with honesty and humour the strangeness and intensity of loss, and the wonder of finding. Best of all is when she touches upon longing, and so lightly, but oh my has it been touched – as we have – unforgettably

Matt Harvey