Sandra Burnett

 Sandra Burnett is an Otley Poet and enjoys performing her poetry at local open mic events.  Her poems have been published in Prole, Frogmore Papers, Strix and on line. Her pamphlet New Lease is published by Half Moon Books and her poems have also appeared their collections Spokes, The Garden, Surprise View and Half Moon.

There are birds and flowers and scaffolders in the poems in Sandra Burnett’s stunning collection New lease, together with the ghosts of famous artists, family members and bicycles. Quiet and reflective, always suffused with warmth and humour, Sandra is a superb poet of the everyday, finding the words for what it means to be human, and in the process making the ordinary utterly extraordinary.

James Nash


We wheel your birthday present to the park,
a safe place to learn the art of balance.

Minus stabilizers I steady the bike while you,
biting your bottom lip, struggle to sit on the saddle.

I say,
             Look straight ahead.
                         Grip the handlebars.
                                   Push on the pedals.

I hold on longer than I should and have to ignore
my urge to sprint, catch you up

as your pace quickens. When you wobble, steer
a wild course, my heart brakes.

You remembered everything I said,
never looked back.