Peter R White

Having enjoyed a 50-year career as a building services design engineer and consultant, and fearing boredom in retirement, Peter R White acquired a BA(Hons) in Literature via the Open University. In the course of these studies he was reborn as a writer and poet. His poems have been published in numerous anthologies, and successes include first prizes in the Milton Keynes Speakeasy and NAWG Formal Poem competitions. He played a leading role in running the successful Poetry by Heart series of readings in Headingley (2012-14). Having assisted in the editing and production of several anthologies for OWF Press, Peter became a director and Manging Editor here in 2015.

Formally dexterous and with an intricate attention to wit and wordplay, Peter R White’s debut pamphlet is a treat for the senses. The more philosophical poems here remain grounded in the real world of red kites, Tadcaster high street and Jazz. Ways to Wander is a wonder!

David Tait







In Finishing Touches Peter White brings to life a northern 50s childhood complete with dolly blue and donkey-stoned steps. Here too are tender love poems and rare but lovely poems about being a grandfather as well as an honest appraisal of how it feels to grow older. A poet at the height of his powers looking back with clarity, wit and wisdom. Technically skilled (there are sonnets, villanelles, a pantoum, a canzone as well as free verse) and frequently moving, this is a collection to savour.

Carole Bromley