Nick Blundell

Nick Blundell lives and works in West Yorkshire, in the City of Bradford.  He has always loved working and playing with words. For thirty years he has had the good fortune of being paid to shape them into sentences and stanzas seeking to spark spirituality and search for some sense and compassion.

Nick is a minister with the Methodist Church of Great Britain, which means that some of his words are about God who logically doesn’t exist but seems to keep turning up. Paradox and poems help. Certainty certainly doesn’t.

He has lived and worked in various places in West Yorkshire and Cheshire, appreciating the wisdom of, amongst others, Congleton Writers, the Bee Hive Poets, and Otley Poets and Poetry Gym.

At the time of writing he is struggling with a hive of honey bees ensconced in the roof space of a bay window, uncertain whether bees or poem will emerge first.