Kevin Holloway

About Out of place:

In this quirky and varied collection, Kevin Holloway will take you to a place where a salmon might leap ‘three men high’, explain the difference between snickets and ginnels and introduce you to a fishmonger who may be the descendant of Tony Harrison’s Thomas Campey; there’s a shadow of unease about what may be ‘out there’, under the indifferent gaze of the golden owls of Leeds. In the final poem he writes that ‘events get buried by events’. Kevin Holloway’s poems patiently uncover them, bring them to light.  

John Foggin

Kevin Holloway’s work deals with themes of place, in nature, in the city and in modern life, always taking a view that is fresh and engaging. There is wit and humour to be found in ‘Out of place’, underpinning poems of great humanity, which recognise our connectedness and our separateness. Running through a range of both free and formal pieces is a confident love of words, a wry, hard-won philosophy and extraordinary observation; there is some beautiful poetry here.  

James Nash