Gail Mosley

Gail is an Otley poet who lives in Leeds.


I have long been an admirer of Gail’s poetry.  ‘Recalculating’ shows the range and power of her work; its humour, wisdom and beautiful subtlety make it a very satisfying collection. The poems I had heard before felt like old friends, but only when reading them on the page was I able to properly appreciate their wonderful economy and the precision of her observations.  The new poems nudged me with their quiet  perceptiveness and I look forward to reading and rereading them over the coming months..  Gail Mosley is a very fine poet indeed.

Review by James Nash

From the poem Lamb White Days in Recalculating

– can we go down to the river,
watch how it seethes and races
high white clouds into the blue,
under the bridge for ever?