Bill Fitzsimons

My name is Bill Fitzsimons, a Dublin-born Leeds based poet and a relative new-comer to the poetry scene, writing my first poems in my late 50’s. I am a founder member of Leeds-based Irish writer’s group Lucht Focail (Word People) and I have read at various venues in Leeds and elsewhere. I have also had work published in Aireings and Poetry Monthly; read on local radio and been published in three group anthologies – The Fifth Province, Triple Spiral and Views from the Lighthouse. I have also had a pamphlet (Written on the Skin) published by Half Moon Press, based in Otley.



Time and space contract and expand in this pamphlet that is ambitious enough to take in Shakespeare, Freud and The Twin Towers yet never forgets the particular. From the ‘bright shawl’ of fresh desire to its cooling, from aging to death and poetry itself, from forms like the sonnet, the pantoum and villanelle to free verse, these poems blaze with possibility and drip with ‘the heated blood… of humanity’.   They beseech us to ‘listen for a while to the piping of small birds’ and remind us that, like Great Aunt Kate, we are all ‘necessary to the human story’.

Becky Cherriman

from Written on the skin:


She blazed across
my dull skies;
a comet in clothing,

trailing a tail
of perfume and female musk
behind her

and her swift passage
left me floundering
in her fiery wake.

Her astrological
significance was minimal:
her sensual impact —